Ethics. Honesty. Integrity.

- Reza Sabour, Mortgage Advisor


Renewing your mortgageThis is quite possibly the most overlooked category of mortgage lending. Almost 80% of people simply sign the renewal documents that their bank puts in front of them without really doing any other competitive research. If you have received renewal documents, STOP! you are not obligated to stay with your current lender.

What you may not know is that once that lender has secured your mortgage renewal they are often looking out for their bottom-line and not yours. This is why most renewals are often overlooked and get signed with higher rates and more restrictive terms. My clients deserve to have the lenders compete with each other for their business, and not the other way around.

Contact me and let’s discuss your renewal options, because you have options!

Reza’s expertise is unmatched; and what makes him stand out is that he is a top-notch human being. He is ethical, moral, and professional. It was a pleasure doing business with him.– Farhad Ebrahimi. North Vancouver, BC.